Vinyl Binders by Thompson Media Packaging

The most widely used material for presentation binders is vinyl and is available in dozens of colors, and finishes as well as gauges.  Vinyl has excellent long-usage characteristics and is ideally suited to a diverse range of decorative treatments.  Silk screen printing, the most widely used decorating technique, can be done on any surface of the binder, in any combination of colors, including halftones.  And, of course, they can be decorated in a number of ways, such as hot stamping, applique, an debossing. In addition to various decorative techniques used for vinyl binders, customers often create their own custom appearance by opting for “slip-sheet” Clear View binders.  Their own printed material can be inserted beneath clearview vinyl on the cover and/or spine of the binder, then heat sealed for permanency and protection. Rivets, which hold the ring mechanism inside the spine can be exposed on the outside of the spine or concealed by the vinyl material.  Rivets are available in silver, black, or white. Heavy gauge chipboard is heat sealed between layers of vinyl to maintain rigidity for years of hard usage.  Chipboard is available in 100 and 120 point thicknesses.  Foam padding can also be added to the chipboard for an extra touch of soft feel and quality appearance. Binders which have special audio or visual presentation materials can also be produced by sealing vacuum-formed holders on or into the inside cover(s).  Audio or video cassettes as well as compact discs can be accommodated.