Custom Binders MD

Once you have decided what printed materials you want to package and who you want to receive that information you need to figure out the best presentation method. And there are lots of choices. Talk to us. Let us help make your decision easier by recommending various materials and methods we know work. Some may be familiar to you – others you may not be ware of. In any event we can show you various attractive and effective examples of: binders, cover materials, decoration choices, tabs, and ring designs. Remember, unless you buy a plain, undecorated binder at an office supply store, every binder is a custom product. If you talk to us early we can help make sure your material will be presented in the most effective way. You may decide to select a standard 3-ring binder, or you may find a different configuration more suitable to your needs. There’s a wide range of shapes and sizes from which to choose. And variations on them all to suit your needs exactly. You can even customize your product even further by adding:
  • Business Card Holders
  • Label Holders
  • Padding
  • Pockets
  • Sheet Lifters
 Other binder variations include:  CASEMADE / TURNED EDGE BINDERS This is the “Cadillac” of loose-leaf binders. These luxury binders are meticulously crafted by hand. Further enhance the beauty and elegance of these binders with custom silk-screening, foil stamping, and tip-ins. CLEARVIEW BINDERS Allow you to insert your own printed sheets. Clearview binders are also available in A-4 sizes. DECORATIVE BINDERS Can be ordered in a wide range of colors and can be custom silk screened, foil stamped, appliqued, debossed, or embossed with your artwork. ENTRAPMENT BINDERS Protect your custom artwork from the elements, have your printed sheets permanently sealed into the binder. Others include Poly Ring, Post & Prong, Post & Screw