• Presentation Packaging

    Thompson Media Packaging brings decades of experience to bear when developing just the right presentation packaging to make a big impact. Our team can work with almost any budget to create packaging that will help you win the next big contract! If you can imagine it, we can usually produce it. Call us today at 1-888-246-3748 for a consultation.
  • Marketing Products

    Thompson Media Packaging\'s marketing and presentation products can prove to be key differentiators in an increasingly competitive marketplace. With only one shot at a great first impression, there is no excuse for inadequate or boring packaging. Our experienced professionals can help you develop a truly unique look and feel for your next marketing piece. Call us today at 1-888-246-3748 for a consultation.
  • Limitless Decorations

    Add personality to your binders, folders and other custom products with a seemingly endless array of options and materials. Not sure which direction to go? Talk with one of the experts at Thompson Media Packaging to discover what\'s available and learn about the best potential decorations for your specific application. Call 1-888-246-3748 today!
  • Custom Binders MD

    We are one of the premier designers and developers of custom binders in the United States. Our binders have been used by some of the most prominent businesses, schools and organizations in the country. From standard three-ring binders with logos to incredibly ornate custom binders, we can do it all.
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Certificate Holders

Custom Diploma and Certificate Holders can make your school's graduation events and certification even more memorable. With a tremendous selection of materials and embellishments, your organization can create a certificate holder unique to your brand and culture.

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  • Sales & Marketing
  • Creative Presentation Tools
  • Orientation

Powerful Sales & Marketing Tools

Be memorable and impress prospects with creative custom binders, boxes and more.


Looks and Functionality Combined

Our binder and packaging configurations can carry almost any marketing materials in style.


Branded Marketing Packets

With an array of sizes, decorations, and materials, our custom marketing packets create a WOW Factor.


Orientation Packets

Deliver your organization's orientation materials effectively and professionally.


Training Materials

Impress trainees with the style and utility of custom training materials and packaging.


Binders and Handbooks

Thompson Media Packaging can produce high quality binders for manuals, documentation, and employee handbooks.


Customer Service Support

Our customers drive our business in every way! Don't settle for anything less than the personable, U.S.-based customer support and manufacturing offered by Thompson Media Packaging. Call us directly at (888) 246-3748